Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Santa, PLEASE OH PLEASE bring me a treadmill...

...I swear I've been a good girl, other than those two servings of peach cobbler!!  Last week and this week I will have had only one or two days max to run...which means lots of exercises DVDs...yay...can you hear my sarcasm??  One of the reasons I fell in love with running was that fact that it didn't feel like exercise to  me.  And Pilate's, Kickboxing and Tae Bo do!  I've tried the whole running in place thing in front of my TV..talk about wanting to just shoot yourself in the head!  Boring.... I did add squats, high knees, etc... but that felt like exercise too... boo.
The reason for my lack of running is due to the fact that I'm a single momma who works full time.  The only days I really get to go run (other than our fun times at the bike path on my every other rare weekends off--which I totally count :-)) are the  days that my son is in school and I have a late shift at work, so I can run in the morning, or a weekday off while he's in school.. as you know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the kiddos will be out of school.  I can't exactly take my six year old out on an eight a.m. five mile run!  So DVDs it is and magazine workouts galore...yay...
Where there's a will, there's a way.  I know this.  So I will focus on strength workouts all week...again with the yay...and next week get a few runs in before the race!!  Can't believe it's almost here.  I'm getting kind of nervous.  I've heard you shouldn't focus on time on your first race, just focus on the fact you completed it.  But I can't help it!  I see all these amazing women runners and I want to be amazing too!  But without running more than once, or twice, or three times (if I'm reallllly lucky) a week, I just don't foresee me ever being amazing.  It's a little frustrating.... so you see Santa... this is why I just NEED a treadmill!!!! And I'm kinda on a tight budget... so ...reason numero dos why I NEED one from you. :-)
Please and thank you!
Anyone have any exciting DVDs they recommend??
And if I don't get around to posting before Thanksgiving, hope everyone enjoys a wonderful, blessed day with family and friends!!!  We do have much to be thankful for...even if we don't have treadmills...God blessed me with a strong and healthy body.  And a strong and healthy son!!!!  What more could a girl want??? ( a treadmill--I had to throw that in there ;-))


  1. Jessica, I admire your persistence. It would be very easy for someone to just quit in this situation, but if you love to run you will find the time. Don't worry about your race. This is your first and all those amazing women runners started somewhere slow and steady just like us. One day we will both be bada**es, although I think you are already a bit more bada** then me. (I've noticed your running times ;) ) Oh and ditto on the treadmill thing. lol

  2. your comment really encouraged me! Made me think to myself about squeezing in a quick run on my lunch break at work. It's not ideal but it beats no runs! I felt so much better afterward. Slow and steady wins the race I've heard! :)


Thanks for the love :~)