Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AMAZING new pb for distance!

Yay!  Today I killed 7.59 miles today! It wasn't a fast run but it was a steady pace.  So for the distance I'm stoked!  Even better part... I didn't stop but once and that was for some water about mile 4.5ish... I accomplished something today I never would have even thought possible.  And if it weren't for my son's words..."mom, you think you can only do six miles but I know you can do seven!", I don't think I would have trekked that far.  And the weather was beautiful today!  Yes it was chilly...32 degrees chilly!  I remembered my gloves this time. But by the end of the run I was sweating from head to toe...good work out if you ask me to be sweating in 32 degrees weather!
With my Hillsong Pandora radio on and my son's words resounding in my head I had the best run yet today!
God is good!
Today was good.  Very good indeed.


  1. Good for you! That's quite an accomplishment. This is inspiring me to get back on my treadmill.

  2. that's great to hear! I was hoping this blog would inspire someone!! Im not the fastest runner but I sure love it and how good it makes me feel inside! Get on that treadmill!! :-)


Thanks for the love :~)