Friday, October 28, 2011

What a week!

Didn't get too much running in this week... kinda bummed about that.  But that's just the way the work week rolled.  But I did get in at least 15 minutes of pilates, yoga or strength training each day in before the kid woke up.  But the next two weeks I will have at least three days to go running so I will pump it up the next two weeks!!!! Then it'll be taper for two weeks before the race.  woohoooo!  I'm already nervous and excited.
Seem to be struggling with diet too... not that I'm over indulging in naughty foods.... just not sure I'm getting enough greens and protein in my system.  I have a hard time eating red meats... yuk.  Been snaking on spinach...blah.
I have found a protein drink that's pretty amazing.  It's by Bolthouse Farms called Perfectly Protein or Protein Plus.  Full of tons of B vitamins as well as protein.  So yummy!!!

Oh and check out one of the amazing pictures from our session with KaeLee Denise Photography

So now it's time to enjoy the weekend with the boy!  We will probably hit our local bike path and go for a family run/bike....I'm no biker but my boy is super fast!  He helps me with my "speed work"  :-)

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