Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running is LOVE

L-learning ... about your body, mind and spirit
O-overtaking ... the weakness that tempts to take over your life
V-victory ... in the LORD!  He gave you this body to care for
E-encourage... encourage every one in your life, including YOU!

And so it begins... my new found insanity for running!  I can't really express in words how much this sport has enhanced my life.  But I sure am gonna try!

I am a single mother who has found a passion for running.  Running away from the world and to the Lord.   I have found new strength, confidence and a new excitement for life! 
Running is more than a physical challenge.  It is a mental and emotional challenge.  Running gives me a focus, a drive for life.  This blog should cover all kinds of challenges from parenting, to the work place, to life and love and of course running!  Hoping to encourage other mothers out there.  As a single mom you CAN control your life!  Squeeze in time for a quick run and you'll be surprised at how confident you'll feel.  When you're confident you're unstopable!

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