Thursday, October 20, 2011

OOORAAHH!! God is always right on time!

Yay!  I met my 6 mile goal!  6.19 miles logged today.  My time was sloooowww...with an average pace 10.25...But I'll take it.  I was going for distance today.  Not speed.  I will tackle speedwork another day. 
I had my Pandora radio playing, set to a contemporary Christian station, while running and I promise you God knew just what I needed.   As I was starting to huff and puff a song lyric sang out, "just breath in and breath out"...too cool, but then it gets even better, just as soon as I was begining to die of thirst the lyrics "come to me all who are thirsty" came on right on time.  God is so good.  ALL the time.  I use to listen to secular upbeat music to get my groove on but I decided to switch.  I believe in running for the right reasons.  And for me, it's about glorifying God and honoring Him with my body.  Everything we do should.  Even meeting our goals in this world.  Every once in a while I still play a little something upbeat from the secular music, but I stay away from the stuff with the pottty words and "naughty" crap. 
How do you feel about music while running?  Have you ever put thought into what goes into your mind while listening? 

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