Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Okay so this title may be a little misleading... But I did go farther today!  In fact, I ran farther than ever!  And for the seasoned runner my mileage may sound wimpy but I am satisfied!  I was just logging in my 3 miles for long runs.  But today, I did 5.5 and I'm thrilled!!  I wanted 6 but my legs reminded me that I did have to still put in 7 hours at work later tonight.. bummer.   So I guess all that carb loading really does help with endurance.  Now it's time to slow down and amp up with some protein!


I prefer carbs. 

BUT today I conquered my tired legs and tired mind and felt like I could run forever!  Well, there's that and the weather was perfect for running today... 50 degrees and sunny with very low wind factor.  Overall... today this little mommasita is satisfied.  So glad I got this run in because I needed something positive this week to start on. 
After yesterday morning ( Dollywood was great!  It was the early conference with my son's teacher who I dislike very much which put me kinda in a funk ) I thought I could kill someone.  Not my sweet kiddos with me but his teacher.  gr.  But that's a blog for another post.  She just isn't very nice to me and I don't mind that she knows that I don't care for her.  She thinks I'm intimidated by her.... geez.  What the freak ever.

I logged 5.5 miles today! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone else have goals they are trying to reach?? My long-term goal is a marathon by the time I reach 30. 
My short-term is of course the 5K in December.  Less then two months to go!

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