Friday, October 14, 2011


I love to eat, therefore I love to run... looks like next week I will be doing a LOT of that running part.  I wanted to get a feel for "carb loading" before a race day and went over board.  Started out with some harmless yogurt and whole wheat breads...then turned into ice cream, cupcakes and I'm chowing down on a 5 cheese pizza as I type this.   Food isn't the enemy.  I'm a firm believer in eating what you crave at times.  And this day, well entire week, I happened to satisfy EVERY SINGLE urge I had.  And you know what... it felt gooooood!  Next week I'll pay.  I'm sure.  But until then, yummin it up.
Oh, and never under any circumstance attempt to run after giving blood... bad idea.  Just throwin that out there...

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