Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun day with my kid!

Today was full of activity but fun!  Church, family pictures, carving a pumpkin...which I discovered is NOT my forte haha!  When we got home I was so ready to just sit my butt on the couch when my neighor, 11 year old nephew of mine, was like I really missed running with you yesterday!  So instead of sitting on my patootie I laced up my shoes and did some "hill work" with the boy.  Thank God for family to get you out and going.  But all in all it was an easy day.

Oh and if you haven't heard, KaeLee Denise Photography is the BEST!  She is just amazing.  Both talented in her art and gifted with dealing with children... Check her out!

This blog is short today because I am tired.
good night.

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