Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Run started out with a rainbow ....

Then it just rained!!!  But still a good run. Had to squeeze in one last long run before the Christmas break begins!!  Merry Christmas everyone!  Enjoy family, friends and all the goodies. Just not too many goodies! ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Me and my son

He gave me a good luck kiss right before the run :-) love this little Guy! We are planning on doing a fun run in February . He says,"but momma I can only run for only a minute..what if all the other kids pass me?" I said," I'm not gonna pass you...we are going to finish together." He struggles in p.e. class a bit. Not that he's not active and healthy...just the running part and he needs lots of water.  Apperantly he's not allowed to drink water while running in p.e. class? Not sure about that situation yet.  I'm hoping I can help boost up his confidence. We are a team this little guy and I.
So today we hit the bike path. Him on his bike and me sprinting after him LOL. He rode 3 miles which made him feel great!  Then we hit the playground for some monkey bar pull ups and tag. Had a blast today.
Then I must admit we ended it with a movie and candy.. well earned candy right?!  He did eat all his veggies for dinner! :)
I think the most important thing is spending QUALITY time together. That means the world to him. And to me.
Sorry this blog is a little all over the place but its been a while since I've written. And I'm trying to still figure out my new device. Which may take me all next year haha
Hope everyone is well!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Test blog!

Hey hey everybody!  Well it's official, my little notebook computer has died. So with my new smart phone I was able to download a blogger I'm trying this thing out.  Just a quick update:  first 5k on December 3rd I pulled out a good time 27.07
Lemme try to post a pic...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

dead computer ugh!

Well, my computer has died.  I am using my sister's for now... so my updates may be sporatic and spaced.  And this keeps freezing up on me.. so may not even be able to post much! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

icky stomach bug 36 hours before race...ugh

So my first race is tomorrow, bright and early at 9 am...last night I had an AWFUL stomach bug or something, throwing up all night, shaky, cold chills, the works.  Talk about less than stellar timing! ICKY.  I'm feeling tired and worn out right now.  Drinking lots of water, now that I can keep it down, and resting.  I plan on running tomorrow but I am bummed that my time won't be too great.  Wondering how I will be able to do tomorrow...anyone else experience a situation like this??

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Both Grateful and Sad.

The holidays can be a bit challenging for the single mother. 
I'm grateful for a full-time job.  I'm sad that sometimes it isn't always enough to provide the fun extras in life.
I'm grateful for a happy, healthy little boy.  I'm sad that I work so much and miss him...and feel like I fail him as a mother...(doc says his bmi is too does that happen?? He's active!...doc says he's too hyper too... Feel like I'm missing something as a mommy here..) 
I'm grateful for a relationship with the Lord and that He sees me through every day and every challenge.  I'm sad that I don't have that human hand to hold when life throws me into little messes, or to share the happy moments.
I'm grateful for family and friends to lean on and love.  I'm sad that half of them are across the US.
I'm grateful for a healthy and strong body and mind; for legs that can run.  I'm sad that I don't get the opportunity to run more often.
I'm grateful for lots of things in life.  I know we are blessed beyond measure.  We have more than many in this world.  I wouldn't be human however, if I never admitted to sadness or failure... sometimes in America when I see others enjoying worry-free shopping and having fun I feel left out.  Now I know life isn't about material things and why does it bother me?  Because I can't give much.. I'd like to be able to give more each Christmas.

Today's run was good for my soul.  I had a lot on my mind.  What would I do with out this amazing stress relief?  I thank God every day for strong legs, a strong heart (in more ways than one) and a strong spirit.
My first 5k is approaching soon.. only two days left.  And here I am blogging about sadness... This is no good.  I need to get off my butt and be grateful for all we are blessed with. 
This race for me isn't just about time, speed and awards... It's a personal journey I decided to take.  Running is good for the soul.

Okay, now for some practical you run the day before a race or not?  I was planning on yoga and pilates tomorrow and maybe one mile??  Any advice?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Motivating Video!

If you've ever struggled with a fall in life, run or a race this video will for sure encourage you to get up and GO!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Santa, PLEASE OH PLEASE bring me a treadmill...

...I swear I've been a good girl, other than those two servings of peach cobbler!!  Last week and this week I will have had only one or two days max to run...which means lots of exercises DVDs...yay...can you hear my sarcasm??  One of the reasons I fell in love with running was that fact that it didn't feel like exercise to  me.  And Pilate's, Kickboxing and Tae Bo do!  I've tried the whole running in place thing in front of my about wanting to just shoot yourself in the head!  Boring.... I did add squats, high knees, etc... but that felt like exercise too... boo.
The reason for my lack of running is due to the fact that I'm a single momma who works full time.  The only days I really get to go run (other than our fun times at the bike path on my every other rare weekends off--which I totally count :-)) are the  days that my son is in school and I have a late shift at work, so I can run in the morning, or a weekday off while he's in school.. as you know, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the kiddos will be out of school.  I can't exactly take my six year old out on an eight a.m. five mile run!  So DVDs it is and magazine workouts galore...yay...
Where there's a will, there's a way.  I know this.  So I will focus on strength workouts all week...again with the yay...and next week get a few runs in before the race!!  Can't believe it's almost here.  I'm getting kind of nervous.  I've heard you shouldn't focus on time on your first race, just focus on the fact you completed it.  But I can't help it!  I see all these amazing women runners and I want to be amazing too!  But without running more than once, or twice, or three times (if I'm reallllly lucky) a week, I just don't foresee me ever being amazing.  It's a little frustrating.... so you see Santa... this is why I just NEED a treadmill!!!! And I'm kinda on a tight budget... so ...reason numero dos why I NEED one from you. :-)
Please and thank you!
Anyone have any exciting DVDs they recommend??
And if I don't get around to posting before Thanksgiving, hope everyone enjoys a wonderful, blessed day with family and friends!!!  We do have much to be thankful for...even if we don't have treadmills...God blessed me with a strong and healthy body.  And a strong and healthy son!!!!  What more could a girl want??? ( a treadmill--I had to throw that in there ;-))

Friday, November 18, 2011

advice on a cool blog is needed please!

I'm a novice blogger.  I keep seeing all these really cool and original blogs with their own little logos and designs and things like that.  How do you do that???  Tips PLEASE!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

not a darn thing

I had a productive Monday and Tuesday and today...welp today I just sat around and ate... and ate and I will probably get up after typing this blog to grab another bite of something..  I guess I could use the excuse it rained today, sure but I could have thrown in a workout dvd...but who wants to do that when you can eat and nap and listen to rain???  PLEASE someone tell me this is okay to do!  At least once in a while.  My first race is ONLY 17 days away... I should be getting geared up with healthy eating non stop and working on something like Pilates or something...anything...but no... I'm sitting around and eating...I'm addicted to peanut butter. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Forget Why You Started

I found myself today coming down really hard on myself... I went out and put 8 miles in today...but the first 3 were awful.  Not terrible time just felt horrible!!  And since I felt horrible today I took some time out to try to get to the heart of the matter.

I think I've forgotten why I really started running in the first place.

I love to run because it makes me feel good inside and out.  It shouldn't be to grab a better time than so and so...

  1. because I'm a mother first and foremost!
  2. I am not a pro athlete, or elite, or even advanced for that matter
  3. I'm  a believer in the Good Lord who loves and if I'm letting myself become so consumed with running and times and performance than I'm too consumed with myself than I am loving God and His people...
Don't you just love it when you get that "oh goodness I've missed the mark" feeling...
However in the second half of my run today I tuned into my Pandora radio and listened to artists like Mikeschair and TobyMac and decided to pray and run.  That's when I hit my sweet spot and ran up courthouse hill!  I will admit though at this point I was more or less yelling inside my head and making awful faces trying to get up that hill....and I did pause at the top to sip on some water...then went on with my bad self.  For those of you that don't know where that is, it's only the worst hill in town! Well, in my opinion so far anyway. 


Here's a few power verses:

  • "Seek first the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need."  Matthew 6:33
  • "Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion.  But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength.  They will soar high on wings like eagles.  They will run and not grow weary.  They will walk and not faint."  Isaiah 40:30-31 (one of my personal favorites)
  • "I love you, LORD; you are my strength."  Psalm 18:1
  • "For the LORD your God is going with you!  He will fight for you against your enemies, and He will give you victory!"  Deuteronomy 20:4 (this is a GREAT one to keep in the back of your mind at all times especially when the enemy of your mind tells you, you can't or you're pathetic or whatever personal 'enemy' you are battling against!)
  • "The LORD is my strength and my song; He has given me victory."  Psalm 118:14
  • "Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you.  He will be with you; He will neither fail you nor abandon you." Deuteronomy 31:8
I could go on with the verses!  Just dig into the Word every morning and be encouraged!  And be reminded that YOU are loved. 

happy running and don't forget why you're running in the first place.

Keep it all in right order and perspective.

Healthy mind, body and soul.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

hooray after a poopy day!

Since yesterday was so awful I decided that today would be different.  I set out to see how fast I could run one mile... I did it in 8:24!! Now, I know compared to elite runners that's like a snails pace, but I'm trying to keep in mind that I am still kinda of a newbie.  I've been running since my boy started school (about 3 years ago) but I've never actually trained to run faster or longer or harder.  Always been a very easy and slow pace.  ANNNNDDDD back in the day when I was in middle/high school (one million years ago) I couldn't even run a whole mile and it took me like 13ish minutes to run/walk.  I was not athletic...AT ALL...back in my teen years..why the heck not?? I don't know.   But remember, it is NEVER TO LATE TO TIE THOSE SHOE LACES AND GO!!!

So after my run this morning (about 5 miles all together, I got the privilege of running with one of my best friends and her sweet baby.  I offered to push the stroller for a while and got some arm muscle exercises in!) I decided to put in 10 minutes of Pilate's ab work. 

overall: good day!

ps-the smoke detectors are fixed and I slept last night! woop woop

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Got the boy into the action!

Okay so they were only 3 lb weights but we were trying a new move!

He actually impressed me with his good form ;)

I love this arm toner because it targets back muscles also to give you that tank top ready figure!  We only have...oh about 7ish months away until summer!!! gah... seems so far away.  But God gives us winter breaks so we can get some r&r in and hot chocolate!

Unexpected hurdles

How bad do I really want it?  After only about a rough 3 hours of sleep, give or take, the alarm has gone off at 6:30 am and it's time to get up.  I've scheduled my long run today and had also planned on meeting a friend for the first half of my run....
Yesterday I was excited about this.   This morning I was not.
Last night I had a war with all three flippin smoke detectors.  One would sound off and then the other two would join in.  I have NO CLUE why they were going off.  They went off every single hour on the hour... 12:20 am....1:30 am....this madness continued and I was getting very irritated!  I tried  covering them up with cardboard and tape.. Well that was dumb.  Didn't work.  I googled ( what would we do without google my friends?) smoke detectors and learned that mine were all wired together to ALL go off if one went off.  So I tried taking batteries out, however, they would still go off.  Finally I figured out how to cut the power source off from the electrical box thingy at 3:50 am.. silence... GOLDEN silence.  Then my alarm sounds off to wake up.  I felt like a bear I tell you!!  But I was bound and determined to get out there and run.
So the run was more like a run, jog, huff and puff, then walk and repeat.  I was so bummed.  I felt like I was running all over the place.  I really enjoyed conversation with a friend for the first half but during my second half I expected better than that of myself.

ok.  So let's make matters worse. My "female" friend time came early.  I'm bloated and fatigued and an emotional basket case....combine that with being tired from no sleep.

Oh, it gets even better...then my music player on my phone suddenly decides it's not going to work.  Something about it's memory being "busy".  What the heck??? But now it plays.  Now that I'm sitting here venting all over my blog.

Today was just a nightmare.  But my point is I guess, is that I only get a few days to go running given my work and son schedule and the fact that I have no treadmill at home.  So I have to get out there and get it done!  I'm glad I went out.  But it really stinks that I felt miserable... I love to run.  I usually love my long runs... but today just felt like a chore.


I know in life there will be unexpected hurdles to jump over.  Its all a matter of how high you're willing to jump.  Sometimes it's going to hurt.  Sometimes it's going to suck.  Big time.  But tomorrow is another day.  Sometimes your body just says, "listen up lady, kick your feet up for a bit and REST"

So after my run today I took a nice long nap... felt so good.

To see the positive in negative:

  1. I'm blessed to have a warm, safe house with "working" smoke detectors
  2. I'm blessed to have a warm, cozy bed to snuggle in
  3. I'm blessed to have wonderful friends and family
  4. I'm blessed to have food in my house
  5. the sun is shining today
  6. I have warm running gear
  7. Water is free
  8. I'm off work today
  9. I have an amazing son!
  10. And the Good Lord above cares for me
Not sure if any of you out there have experienced such a day, or maybe even worse, but when all is said and done, you survived.  You lived.  And it's gonna be all good.  Eventually.

So jump those hurdles like there's no tomorrow!  (cry through your runs if you have to.. it's okay to be a big baby once in a while okay)

Hurdles aren't bad in themselves.  I learned a few things about myself and where I have my weaknesses.

  1. I had become too dependent on my electronic device to get me through with music
  2. I'm a grouch when tired
When you find yourself jumping those hurdles take them as learning lessons.  Next run I need to leave the music at home and just run.

just run.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011


So... I've encountered a little prolemo... I work full time (39ish hours a week) on my feet all day with plenty of walking.  Now, I knew this going into my training plan for the 5k but I didn't realize the  toll it would take on my legs and feet. Some advice on working all day standing up and staying pumped about running would be great!

gah.  I feel like I've just hit a writer's block.. a runner's block...all energy gone. Maybe some hot green tea and  early bedtime tonight are in order. 
You have your highs (7.59 miles!) and you lows (feeling completely washed out -_-)
My blog must be pretty boring here lately.. I guess I've just been feeling fatigued this week.  Especially today!  I at least did get in 3 runs and 2 workouts this week.  So that's progress...
Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AMAZING new pb for distance!

Yay!  Today I killed 7.59 miles today! It wasn't a fast run but it was a steady pace.  So for the distance I'm stoked!  Even better part... I didn't stop but once and that was for some water about mile 4.5ish... I accomplished something today I never would have even thought possible.  And if it weren't for my son's words..."mom, you think you can only do six miles but I know you can do seven!", I don't think I would have trekked that far.  And the weather was beautiful today!  Yes it was chilly...32 degrees chilly!  I remembered my gloves this time. But by the end of the run I was sweating from head to toe...good work out if you ask me to be sweating in 32 degrees weather!
With my Hillsong Pandora radio on and my son's words resounding in my head I had the best run yet today!
God is good!
Today was good.  Very good indeed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starting November off right!!!

Today started off with a very COLD rush!  Before I headed out the door though, I was sure to get my dynamic stretches in.  A few lunges (not a fan of those) yoga pose, run in place for 5 minutes and then ending with leg lifs.

My sister and I went to the local college track and put in one mile on the forest trail around it and then put in one mile on the track in speed work...400 fast, then walk... over and over and over.  My legs are NOT used to burning like that.  I enjoy my long easy pace runs soooo much more!  But I'm beginning to realize I need to take speedwork seriously.  I learned today that I am not a fast all and I need to push myself harder.  My sister pushed me a little harder today.  Everyone needs a sibling!
But after that I wasn't ready to quit so I took a 3 mile jog around town.  I must say after all the work this morning I wasn't jogging fast at all!
I love my good productive days!!! But dern it was cold... another 30 degree morning. blah. 

But I am getting up and going again tomorrow... I can only wish I looked like the girl in this picture below!  But it sure motivates me to keep it up!

Monday, October 31, 2011

time under 30 in degrees under 30!

Started this week off with a 3.11 mile run in 29 degrees weather and managed to pull a time under 30... 29.32.  Barely under haha  I'm not the fasted little runner but I'm proud I got my butt out there.  It helps to have a cute Under Armour hoodie.  I promise! Never underestimate the power of a cute hoodie. I get two more days this week to run and the rest will just have to be strength training days.  Hoping to get my running time under 29 later this week... we shall see.

On another note, I have the cutest little Luigi for Halloween!  My boy is such a goofball!  Trying to stay away from the candy...oh how I enjoy those Reeces cups!!! I've only had one so far....but tonight the trick or treat game is on.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What a week!

Didn't get too much running in this week... kinda bummed about that.  But that's just the way the work week rolled.  But I did get in at least 15 minutes of pilates, yoga or strength training each day in before the kid woke up.  But the next two weeks I will have at least three days to go running so I will pump it up the next two weeks!!!! Then it'll be taper for two weeks before the race.  woohoooo!  I'm already nervous and excited.
Seem to be struggling with diet too... not that I'm over indulging in naughty foods.... just not sure I'm getting enough greens and protein in my system.  I have a hard time eating red meats... yuk.  Been snaking on spinach...blah.
I have found a protein drink that's pretty amazing.  It's by Bolthouse Farms called Perfectly Protein or Protein Plus.  Full of tons of B vitamins as well as protein.  So yummy!!!

Oh and check out one of the amazing pictures from our session with KaeLee Denise Photography

So now it's time to enjoy the weekend with the boy!  We will probably hit our local bike path and go for a family run/bike....I'm no biker but my boy is super fast!  He helps me with my "speed work"  :-)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cold weather kicked my bottom -_-

Even though today wasn't the greatest run, certainly nothing to brag about here, I learned a few things...
Remember, there really isn't a "bad" run.  Well, I wouldn't classify it as such anyway.  Think of it as a learning curve; try to look at it from a different perspective.  Today I let the cold air early this morning really get to me.  I was not tuned in to my goals, the fact that I was out there running, or how awesome the sun rise really was.  I was just whining inside my head about the darn cold and how slow I felt I was chugging along.  And everytime a car sped by the cold wind slapped me in the rude!
I should have pulled myself together and reminded myself during the run that I was out there running anyway!
And no I didn't remember my stinkin tissues!  I felt snot <excuse me... I know that's disgusting!> running away from my nose...
Cold weather is a bear!  But I should be the bigger beast in this battle.  Next go round I won't even mention the cold... or try to limit that to one thought.  Like...gee it sure is cold.  Let's go kick cold air's tail today!

I think it's time to really start pounding on the speed work and hill training.  I've piddled around with it but haven't really been full throttle into it.  I'm dreading the challenge almost!  I've gotten so use to my long and steady runs.  I enjoy those much more than pushing my body into an insane asylum of speed.  But, if I want to do well Ive got to get out there and push a little harder.

NO excuses; only results!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Online Registration & Local Event Directory by | Sports, Running, Classes, Camps, Training Plans, Triathlons, Marathons, Soccer, Drills & Youth Sports

Online Registration & Local Event Directory by Sports, Running, Classes, Camps, Training Plans, Triathlons, Marathons, Soccer, Drills & Youth Sports

Great Website for finding races and events!!

1.5 with the sister today=pumed up!!!!

Man, I don't even know where to start with this blog today....
All I know is my amazing sister, Jackie, went out with me this morning to RUN!  She was a sprinter back in the day in high school and this chick still has it in her.  Pretty neat how I am use to long runs but not sprinting.  Nothing gets you more AMPED UP then encouraging someone else to a better life.  Like running.  For me running has become a way of life.  A lifestyle... and to see my sister smiling and pumped up too is like a high. 
What a way to start the day out!  For all you runners out there, grab a sibling or a friend or somebody and get going!   Life was meant to be shared with people we love.  Nuff said here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun day with my kid!

Today was full of activity but fun!  Church, family pictures, carving a pumpkin...which I discovered is NOT my forte haha!  When we got home I was so ready to just sit my butt on the couch when my neighor, 11 year old nephew of mine, was like I really missed running with you yesterday!  So instead of sitting on my patootie I laced up my shoes and did some "hill work" with the boy.  Thank God for family to get you out and going.  But all in all it was an easy day.

Oh and if you haven't heard, KaeLee Denise Photography is the BEST!  She is just amazing.  Both talented in her art and gifted with dealing with children... Check her out!

This blog is short today because I am tired.
good night.

Friday, October 21, 2011

I don't get it. At ALLLL sometimes!

love.  I said running is love.  And it is to me at any rate. 
So there's this guy... and then there's not.  Have you ever had one of those in your life?  They just pop in and out whenever they feel like it regardless of how it might impact you.  That's what I've discovered.  But at least I learned a long time ago not to give it all away.  I've built this great wall of china around my heart and for GOOD reason.  I like it this way.  I've hung out with a friend or two but I find myself completely indifferent.  I'd rather be running.  I'm like, "dude.  I know what you want outta me and you ougtta know you ain't gettin it."
I'd rather be running. 
Running keeps me focused.  I've worked far too hard to get to where I'm at in life.

BEEEESIIIIDES... there are just a few mandatory qualities I'm looking for in a fella.  You know, like let's say for example...HONESTY is a good one.  Sincerity would be fabulous.  FAITH in the good LORD is the biggest.  Not like, "oh I go to church every now and then and sure I believe in God" 
That's not what I'm talkin bout man. 
I'm talking about a REAL man. 
By the way, if you haven't seen the movie COURAGEOUS, I highly recommend it!

Oh Lordy, where have I trailed off to with this....
Today has kind of been an off day. 
I just don't get it.  Yesterday I was on top of the world and today I've been all besides myself.  I felt myself get super tired and feel like I've got a cold coming on... so I'm sippin on some good hot tea, which I prefer to a man also.
Geez, I sound like a man hater.  BUT I'm not.  At all.  I'd love some companionship.  Just the right ONE. 
I'm not settlin.  Even if it doesn't make any sense.

I'm wondering if my body is feeling the 6 miles from yesterday I put on the way, a few things I've learned from running during cold and windy weather:
  1. Cold Gear from Under Armour is AMAZING!
  2. Always bring a tissue...the cold makes me sniffle
  3. Next time I need to bring a bottle of water ON my run during a 6 mile or longer stretch
Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean ya can't do it.  Just do it smart.  Bundle up, hydrate well, and wipe your sniffles away. 
Even if you just don't get it...
You'll get it someday.  So I won't waste my energy on not getting it...get it??

Thursday, October 20, 2011

OOORAAHH!! God is always right on time!

Yay!  I met my 6 mile goal!  6.19 miles logged today.  My time was sloooowww...with an average pace 10.25...But I'll take it.  I was going for distance today.  Not speed.  I will tackle speedwork another day. 
I had my Pandora radio playing, set to a contemporary Christian station, while running and I promise you God knew just what I needed.   As I was starting to huff and puff a song lyric sang out, "just breath in and breath out"...too cool, but then it gets even better, just as soon as I was begining to die of thirst the lyrics "come to me all who are thirsty" came on right on time.  God is so good.  ALL the time.  I use to listen to secular upbeat music to get my groove on but I decided to switch.  I believe in running for the right reasons.  And for me, it's about glorifying God and honoring Him with my body.  Everything we do should.  Even meeting our goals in this world.  Every once in a while I still play a little something upbeat from the secular music, but I stay away from the stuff with the pottty words and "naughty" crap. 
How do you feel about music while running?  Have you ever put thought into what goes into your mind while listening? 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Okay so this title may be a little misleading... But I did go farther today!  In fact, I ran farther than ever!  And for the seasoned runner my mileage may sound wimpy but I am satisfied!  I was just logging in my 3 miles for long runs.  But today, I did 5.5 and I'm thrilled!!  I wanted 6 but my legs reminded me that I did have to still put in 7 hours at work later tonight.. bummer.   So I guess all that carb loading really does help with endurance.  Now it's time to slow down and amp up with some protein!


I prefer carbs. 

BUT today I conquered my tired legs and tired mind and felt like I could run forever!  Well, there's that and the weather was perfect for running today... 50 degrees and sunny with very low wind factor.  Overall... today this little mommasita is satisfied.  So glad I got this run in because I needed something positive this week to start on. 
After yesterday morning ( Dollywood was great!  It was the early conference with my son's teacher who I dislike very much which put me kinda in a funk ) I thought I could kill someone.  Not my sweet kiddos with me but his teacher.  gr.  But that's a blog for another post.  She just isn't very nice to me and I don't mind that she knows that I don't care for her.  She thinks I'm intimidated by her.... geez.  What the freak ever.

I logged 5.5 miles today! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone else have goals they are trying to reach?? My long-term goal is a marathon by the time I reach 30. 
My short-term is of course the 5K in December.  Less then two months to go!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Welp... went to visit the great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee today with my son and amazing little niece and had a blast at Dollywood...did a ton of walking!  And cream... funnel cake... TONS of coke zero... carb loaded lunch at a buffet...
I guess I could have come up with a game plan to prevent myself from gorging.. but where would the fun be in that?  Beginning to think I've created this blog as poor food diary verses running.  Ha!  I WILL get to the running part.
Tomorrow... I run.  And I run for long time.

Good night friends.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

got the blues...

Well... this week definently wasn't a shining moment for my life.  Felt like a failure in numerous ways.  And it wasn't just the food I consumed this past week.  That was the highlight really!  haha  My work schedule stinks.  Had a 7 day long shift and this paticular week just happened to be one of the worst weeks.  I work in a busy chain pharmacy.  Lots of people with lots of problems to be solved.  I like a challenge in life but geeeeez... my problem solving abilities were tested to the max!  Then there's the kid... didn't do so hot this week in school.. partly I feel, because I wasn't home and engaged with him like I should have been.  Then there's the friends and family who I feel like I'm letting down with my poopy attitude.  If there's one thing I do know, face time with GOD NEEDS to happen BEFORE facetime with people.  Nuff said.  And I, here again, failed at this priority in life.  There is a Psalm that almost always comes to mind during moments like these, and I know they are just that...moments...they pass...
"I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry.  He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire.  He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along." Psalm 40:1-2

During one of my work days, I had the opportunity to encourage a small child.  Gave her something to smile about.  And that I'm trying to remind myself is worth it all.  Like a sweet friend told me, after I had a bout of whining about my "messy" home and child's less than steller school performance, "the house will get cleaned and your child will learn how to spell just fine"

Thank God for sweet friends who know how to encourage! 

And I try to digging my own little "poor me" hole, I'm forgetting to bless others.  I wonder sometimes what God is thinking when I fall into my poor me trap... well there she goes again!  Forgetting all her many blessings! 

Here is one of the BEST reasons to run, STRESS RELIEF!!! It's like running away temporarily.  Time to clear your mind and send some serious prays up.
I was only able to fit two runs, one of which was pitifull due to blood drawn <idiot me> but at least I got out there and put some miles in!

Remember our eternal blessings rather than dwell on our temporary short-comings
 so there's my blahdiddyblahblahblahhhblog in for the day.  Be blessed and encouraged!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Brevard Center for Women

Brevard Center for Women

Here is the link to the first 5K I will be running! The Reindeer Run will be held December 3rd. It's getting close. Better get some miles in! Would love to have a runner partner to run with. Any takers???


I love to eat, therefore I love to run... looks like next week I will be doing a LOT of that running part.  I wanted to get a feel for "carb loading" before a race day and went over board.  Started out with some harmless yogurt and whole wheat breads...then turned into ice cream, cupcakes and I'm chowing down on a 5 cheese pizza as I type this.   Food isn't the enemy.  I'm a firm believer in eating what you crave at times.  And this day, well entire week, I happened to satisfy EVERY SINGLE urge I had.  And you know what... it felt gooooood!  Next week I'll pay.  I'm sure.  But until then, yummin it up.
Oh, and never under any circumstance attempt to run after giving blood... bad idea.  Just throwin that out there...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running is LOVE

L-learning ... about your body, mind and spirit
O-overtaking ... the weakness that tempts to take over your life
V-victory ... in the LORD!  He gave you this body to care for
E-encourage... encourage every one in your life, including YOU!

And so it begins... my new found insanity for running!  I can't really express in words how much this sport has enhanced my life.  But I sure am gonna try!

I am a single mother who has found a passion for running.  Running away from the world and to the Lord.   I have found new strength, confidence and a new excitement for life! 
Running is more than a physical challenge.  It is a mental and emotional challenge.  Running gives me a focus, a drive for life.  This blog should cover all kinds of challenges from parenting, to the work place, to life and love and of course running!  Hoping to encourage other mothers out there.  As a single mom you CAN control your life!  Squeeze in time for a quick run and you'll be surprised at how confident you'll feel.  When you're confident you're unstopable!